Shizyx is the transformation given by Shizu. The Elementals used them to obtain Symphonyx.

The Elementals used this temporary transformation to obtain Symphonyx to defeat The Nexus and Sirenna which were attacking the Earth.


The Elementals realize that their wings in Trustyx do not work well underwater and drags them down (excluding Shizu herself, since she is the Water Elemental Guardian), and Draygnya and Digi's powers do not harm the enemy really well (since their powers evolve around fire/heat/electricity).

The Elementals then accept the Symphonyx quest and recieved the temporary Shizyx transformation from Shizu herself (hence the name) so that they can complete the quest and defeat Sirenna, since the quest makes them travel in the seas very often. They use this transformation to slow down Sirenna from taking over the Earth seas.


Since Trustyx is weak underwater (and especially weak when it comes to fighting Sirenna), The Elementals must earn 3 gems to obtain Symphonyx amd defeat Sirenna, Shizu gives them some of her abilities so their powers and wings can fight and swim better underwater.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Shizyx allows The Elementals to swim better and faster underwater (since the wings are small and can cut water), and fight better underwater, on land, and in mid-air, and acts as a power-booster.


  • Shizyx comes from Shizu's name, since she is the one who granted the rest of The Elementals special abilities underwater.
  • The sandals in Shizyx look similiar to the sandals in the Sorceryx transformation, though have ribbons instead, and have access which helps them swim underwater as well.
  • Shizyx may have the same strength of Symphonyx. But due to the fact that Shizyx is temporary and as told by Shibata Ran, will drain the Water Element in the Goddess Realm if obtained too long, they need to acquire Symphonyx to become stronger. They also need Symphonyx to enter the Eternal Ocean because Symphonyx doesn't give the abillity to enter it.
  • Shizyx, along with Sorceryx, isn't easily overpowered by The Nexus, because the power booster in this transformation directly comes from the Water Element Source (Fountain Spirit) and The Elementals are also directly helped and connected to Shibata Ran, probably due to the cause Shizu is directly helped and connected to her as well.